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Estrella Dress in Aqua Royal
Estrella Dress in Aqua Royal

Estrella Dress in Aqua Royal

SKU: AD1072L

Explore elegance with our Long Estrella Dress, a seamless blend of captivating colour ombre and sophisticated structure. This dress effortlessly combines formal grace with a playful spirit, creating a versatile style that transcends occasions.

Welcome to Alquema, a brand defined by artistry and crafted with care. Our inspiration is drawn not only from the clothing we design and the fabrics we choose but also from the extraordinary women who surround us. From family and friends to iconic figures, Alquema women cross continents, cultures, and generations, leaving a lasting impact on our brand.

Discover a collection where creativity meets femininity. Each piece embodies our dedication to craftsmanship and celebrates the women who mould, embolden, and rejuvenate us. Join us in embracing the spirit of Alquema—a fusion of style, art, and the incredible women who inspire us every day.

One Size

All Alquema garments are unique, handmade and hand pleated with care. To maintain their beauty and longevity, we recommend you treat them well.

Wash by hand in cold water with a dash of mild, natural detergent. Flat dry your Alquema and please do not tumble dry or apply any heat.

To dry, lay the garment flat and leave in a shaded area. Once dry, store your garment in a cool, dry place. Hanging such garments for long periods of time may cause stretching at the shoulders and neck.

100% Japanese Yarn, man made fibre