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Woden Line Sandal in Silver Mink



  • Silver Mink
Woden Siri Waterproof Boot- Coffee/ Cream



  • Coffee/ Cream
Woden Line Cross in Silver



  • Silver
Woden Nora III Metalic Nylon WL626



  • Champagne
  • Moss
Woden Jane Bright White Leather Trainers
Woden Jane Bright White Leather Trainers


£88.95 £89.95

Woden Evelyn Suede Dry Rose WL510



  • Dry Rose

Why Woden Shoes Are Unrivaled

Shoes are the pedestal on which we stand to conquer the world with confidence. They literally have the power to transform a person’s attitude and impression on others. They say give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. This said the choice of brand when buying women’s footwear is extremely important. When going for sneakers in particular, Woden shoes is the paramount label. Here’s why:

Woden Shoes Northern Ireland

1. They look good.
A simple statement with a lot of weight. Sneakers from Woden come in all colors and decorations but one thing they are is stunning. They all make you fall in love and are impossible to choose from. When looking for footwear for a stylish workday, workout sessions or just a weekend casual, no other brand can deliver the perfect pairs, for all the three activities. They make you look elegant, classic and without doubt, tasteful.

2. Variation
Looking for a white pair of sneakers? Expect Woden to provide more than a hundred options to choose from! Besides this, they have sneakers of all sizes right from pre-walkers, kids to adults. With this wide variation of sneakers, they are simply the best.

3. Comfortability
Their footwear is authentic, not just in appearance but in use too. To get the best sneaker for both comfort and performance, get Woden. Whether you’re looking for shoes to walk a long day on, work out, or hike in, they are sure to cushion your feet and provide grip as well. Moreover, these sneakers are ideal for therapy and pain relief be it heel pain or foot pain. Take them with you for a whole day, walking, standing or sitting and comfort is the same.

4. Low Priced
For such fashionable footwear, Woden offers incredibly affordable prices. Shoes as said before, are an extremely important part of any person’s outfit. They have the ability to transform a casual, boring outfit into a sophisticated or cool one. To complete your look, Woden shoes will come in handy and do so at an unbelievably good price. Look for discounts from their stores to get an even better deal!

5. Durability.
These shoes are tough and very durable thanks to their steady water-resistant soles and long-lasting builds. They are resistant to wear and tear and pass the test of time even after use for heavily physical activities.

For these and many other reasons, we all love Woden shoes and simply can’t wait till we can purchase another pair.