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Jay Denim Jacket in Medium Blue
Jay Denim Jacket in Medium Blue

Jay Denim Jacket in Medium Blue

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Effortlessly cool, our Casual Denim Jacket in Medium Blue is a wardrobe staple for laid-back style. The classic medium blue hue complements various outfits, making it a versatile addition to your casual ensemble. Throw it over a dress for an easygoing vibe or pair it with jeans for a timeless double-denim look. With its relaxed fit, this jacket is the epitome of casual comfort. Elevate your off-duty style with our Casual Denim Jacket—a go-to piece that seamlessly combines versatility and classic appeal.

At Pulz Jeans, we live and breathe jeans. Our mission? To provide you with jeans that fit you perfectly – that's what drives us.

Our creative process is all about embracing the unexpected, the quirky, and the spontaneous. We want you to sense our essence in every collection we craft. Our aim is simple: you should feel us, and we should feel you.

Pulz Jeans is more than just clothing; it's a community fueled by positivity and an unwavering love for jeans. We're like one big, supportive family, radiating a positive attitude that fuels our determination to create the best results. We're passionate about passing on these results to you.

Regular fit

30 degrees wash

70% Cotton
25% Polyester
3% Viscose
2% Elastane