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French Connection

Why French Connection Clothing Remains So Popular

Almost everyone in the world in search of value for money, well designed and fashionable clothing has at so point of their lives either purchased an item (items) that were designed and manufactured by clothing mega label French Connection.

The clothing brand had its origins in 1969, when clothing designer Stephen Marks realised that there was a gap in the market for exceptionally tailored womenswear that represented exceptional value for money. The runaway success of the womenswear collections led to the launch of a menswear collection in 1972. Collections based on scaled-down versions of the collections for men and women, but aimed at children followed. Today the majority of the company's income is derived from the menswear collection.

French Connection Clothing Northern Ireland

In 1978 Nicole Farhi who had worked for major design houses in France and Italy joined the company and became responsible for the entire range of products. Her design philosophy may go some way toward explaining why French Connection has stood the test of time. She committed the company to produce clothing that was fashionable and provided great value while at the same time being trendy, comfortable and durable.

The company produces clothing that anticipates seasonal trends and launches over 1,000 new items each year, ranging from formalwear to leisurewear. The companies runaway success was not without its challenges - it very nearly went out of business in the 1980s, however an aggressive marketing campaign in the 1990s and 2000s saw it regain its position as one of the trendiest lables in the UK. That marketing campaign saw a rebranding under a new - with the acronym 'FCUK' (French Connection UK). It also focused on becoming a lifestyle brand with household goods, beauty products and more - the knock-on effect was to supercharge the sales of its clothing lines.

The success of the brand in the United Kingdom led to an expansion into the U.S. market. Although its 'FCUK' marketing was considerably more subdued in that country it continues to show strong growth in that country.

Consumers continue to demonstrate their love for the French Connection brand - even during trying economic times. It may have have been saved by its innovative marketing campaign - but it is the quality of its clothing, adherence to a philosophy of quality and value for money that has kept it in business when other bands have proven to be a flash in the clothing design pan.