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Space Blouse in Silver
Space Blouse in Silver

Space Blouse in Silver

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Silver space blouse with neck tie and puff cuffs adds a touch of elegance to your style. This chic piece features a unique silver fabric with a necktie and fashionable puff cuffs. Perfect for dressing up on special occasions.

Costamani is a vibrant universe designed for the stylish woman who adores colors, prints, and exquisite details. Our collections boast impeccable quality, featuring meticulously crafted trousers, dresses, shirts, and blouses with a focus on care and creativity. We pride ourselves on the finest details, from beautiful buttons to charming ruffles and captivating prints, all showcased in the highest quality fabrics.

We understand that a stunning outfit is all about the details. Our designs are versatile, effortlessly transitioning from everyday wear to evening elegance with a simple change of shoes or accessories. At Costamani, we offer a universe that effortlessly blends the feminine with the bold, offering a range of timeless styles in a spectrum of colours. These are the kind of pieces you'll treasure in your wardrobe season after season. Welcome to the world of Costamani, where style knows no bounds.

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To protect the shirt, we recommend washing it at 30 degrees.

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