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Shawl in Taupe

Shawl in Taupe

SKU: A523

Our Shawl is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Cut from luxurious gauze, it is lightweight and can be easily folded and packed away for travels. With its generous size and smooth finish, it is perfect for draping over your head and shoulders when the temperature drops or rises. Stylish and versatile, our Shawl is designed to be worn all year round!

Onelife Clothing has been providing unique clothes to customers for more than five years. Our loyal customers love to visit their favourite shops to try on the latest styles. Due to increased demand we have launched this site, so ladies who do not live near stockists, or wish to purchase a particular style/size, may easily do so. This is also an outlet for unsold/surplus stock, so we don’t have all the colours or sizes, and many are limited in quantity.

One SIze

machine or hand cold wash, no bleach, cool dryer setting, or line dry

100% Cotton