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Albethina Waistcoat

Albethina Waistcoat

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Albethina Waistcoat

CULTURE's collections are meticulously crafted with boundless passion, curiosity, and unwavering dedication, guided by mantras of fascination, down-to-earth luxury, authenticity, and renewal. Embracing the strange and beautiful in all aspects of life, from clever artifacts to vibrant destinations and diverse people, we draw boundless inspiration for each collection. At CULTURE, our mission is to provide the modern woman in the UK and Ireland with a trendy wardrobe filled with feminine garments that boast exquisite details and exceptional wearability. Our collection is a versatile mix-and-match haven, offering a wide array of fabric qualities and style choices, allowing her to effortlessly create her personalised, chic look.

Regular fit

30 degree gentle wash

100% Cotton