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Geisha Clothing for Women

Joli Clothing Reveals the New Geisha Range

Why We Love Geisha Clothing

When it comes to the world of fashion, geisha clothing is often underappreciated for all that it has to offer. This is a Japanese attire that is not only easy on the eyes but quite historic at the same time.

Let's take a look at why we like geisha clothing and what makes it special.

What is Geisha Clothing?

A geisha or "person of art" is well-regarded among Japanese people as a creative individual. These women are capable of tremendous artistic work including dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. To go along with this fascinating skill set, they also pursue unique clothing that has become synonymous with them in modern society.

In general, a geisha wears something that is meticulously crafted and is easy to distinguish from any other design. It is made to be exclusive and unique due to its rich selection of colours and fabric. A geisha will put on a special kimono that is designed to expose her neckline. This is done to add sensuality to her overall appearance.

Reasons to Like Geisha Clothing

1) Beautiful Fitting

Let's begin with the fitting as that is the first thing a person will notice as soon as they see a kimono.

The kimono is a well-fitted outfit that looks the part as soon as it is put on. It has a wonderful taper to it that adds to its aesthetic appeal. Geisha take their time to work on the design and make sure the fitting emphasises their body perfectly. This is why so much time is spent on the finer details as everything is put together.

This fitting is something that wins people over in a matter of seconds.

2) Unique Patterns

The patterns are fascinating and give respect to Japanese culture.

Each pattern is specialised based on what the woman wants and that is something truly remarkable. Being able to wear a pattern that is personalised and has a certain essence to it goes a long way in making it appeal to everyone. Instead of wearing a cookie-cutter outfit, geisha take their time to find something that is truly refined.

It ensures the kimono has a certain elegance to it that is individualistic and enthralling.

These patterns can include the use of flowers, lines, and different Japanese influences.

3) Vibrant colours

It's the colours that are noticeable right away.

Whether it is a bright red or a tea pink, these colours add to the overall appearance of a geisha's kimono. It's something that is appealing for many reasons and one of them has to do with the presence a kimono has.

As soon as it is put on, the kimono stands out for all the right reasons.

It emphasises the geisha's presence and that is something all of the best outfits do. It's about getting those colours to sparkle in all situations whether it's during the afternoon or in the middle of the night.

4) Sensual

There are several reasons for loving this type of clothing but it's the overall image that makes a difference. When a kimono is put on, it has a certain sensuality to it that adds to the woman's appeal. It's a delicate touch that goes a long way in setting the right tone. This makes the overall look pop just a little bit more.

Final Thoughts

Geisha clothing is dripped in history and has a smooth elegance to it that's impossible to deny. Having something like this within reach is incredibly fashionable and can go a long way in adding to a person's wardrobe.

These are the reasons we love geisha clothing and believe it is a beautiful part of Asian clothing.